Paper Boat Collective

Paper Boat Collective is a unique homegrown concept store in Goa, India housed in a beautiful Portuguese villa, which curates handmade, small-scale, and ethical products from makers in India. It is an experience-led store that believes in slowness and has designed the experience of the store to appeal to all five senses through music, scents, food, and materials.

Our role is to translate the Paper Boat Collective brand to its eCommerce presence, set up and manage the eCommerce business and develop the overall marketing strategy.


For its eCommerce presence, we have supported the development of a website that is minimal, storytelling-focused, and personalized through elements such as hand-drawn illustrations and a personal narrative style tonality. To keep the personalized nature of the brand alive, we have also devised a new approach called “personalized shopping” which allows users who are not physically able to come to the store to speak to our staff and shop with us virtually through WhatsApp.

Content Strategy

The content strategy we have developed for Paper Boat Collective mirrors its approach to business, which is personal, fluid, and seasonless. The social media content does not follow festive calendars, it does not use any gimmicks like discounts or offers and there are only organic collaborations with influencers who are genuine fans of the brand now in its ninth year. There is also a large focus on storytelling and capturing the pulse of the on-ground activity. Lastly, the strategy also differentiates from other brands in the category by not talking about the crafts and techniques of India, instead, we focus on the stories of the makers, the design sensibilities, and their relationship with us.

Paper Boat Collective
Goa, India
Areas of Expertise:
eCommerce and marketing strategy
June, 2021
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